Welcome to my personal blog. Here you’ll find articles about my life and my interests. These include Japanese idols, Drum & Bass, Video Games, Electronics and Gadgets, among others.

My favourite idols at the current moment are mainly of the underground variety (地下アイドル, chikaidol — literally underground idol) with Oguma Ayame (小熊あやめ), Phantom Voice, and KOTO as my top groups with THE SPUNKY, Kus Kus, and LinQ as groups I also follow.

Some of my favourite Drum & Bass producers include Original Sin, The SASASAS Crew, BassBrothers and pretty much anyone from Playaz, and pretty much anyone from Low Down Deep Recordings as well.

For video games, I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 Season 5 but just put Fallout 4 under my belt and am stuck with Metal Gear Solid 5. Outside of those, I’m into Racing Simulation, City Planning, Action RPGs and Rhythm Games. I play primarily on PC and love building my own setups. My current parts list can be found here. As for gadgets, my daily personal phone is an Asus ZenFone 2 running CM13.

When I’m not online, I like playing board games with friends and family. Some current favourites include 7 Wonders and Coup. I occasionally enjoy rock climbing and feel really comfortable on 5.8s and easy bouldering routes.

When I’m feeling creative, I make remixes of idol songs or create web sites or draw.

I’m really active on twitter so check me out there for the latest.

Thanks for reading!