A!SMART July GET! Review

I recently purchased 2 items from A!SMART, Amuse’s Artists Online Shop. I have made purchases from here before but I’ve never documented them like this. Considering I bought wearable items and a somewhat fitted accessory, I feel like documenting this for anyone interested in buying it since it might actually help people. Either way, if you stick around until the end, let me know if you’ve liked this and/or if you have any questions afterwards.

Smart Phone PouchMy first GET! is Perfume’s Smartphone Pouch.

The pouch is part of the Perfume 2015 Goods lineup. I’m not sure if this will be sold at venues for their concerts but since that doesn’t really matter to me, I decided to buy one online because it looks really nice and I’ve been looking for something like this for my phone. It’s going for ¥1,500 tax incl.

The pouch measures in at 95mm x 165mm and says it was means for use with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 measures in at 67mm x 138.1mm which sounds like it should fit in there pretty well. (If you check the picture on the site, it looks like it too.) I have an ASUS ZenFone 2 which measures in at 77.2mm x 152.5mm which is barely smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus (77.8mm x 158.1mm) and it barely fits but it’s manageable. I honestly don’t know if the 6 Plus would work in this. The only issue I have is with the pre-cut holes for headphone jack access are definitely geared to the iPhone positioning. The ZenFone 2 headphone jack is just off-center on the left side making it inaccessible. I might have to do a bit of DIY work to make it work for me — that or invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones. It’s also worth mentioning that I have no access to my volume buttons nor would I think that any phone would have any accurate access to physical volume buttons. Luckily, I control my music and volume on my Pebble.

The phone is fully operational through the clear window and I have no problems with maintaining swipes for typing, etc even though I have a thin screen protector on my phone. I do have a tempered glass screen protector coming in soon so I’ll report on that if anything changes.

In terms of attaching it to your person, they give you many options. There is a plastic loop at the top of the pouch that you can hook things into. Directly out of packaging, there is a Perfume branded carabiner attached to it and an adjustable strap with 2 snap-type swivel clips on either end. The strap goes from a standard lanyard length at its shortest to a ridiculously long, over the shoulder-type bag length. Personally, I see myself hooking this onto a belt loop and leaving the strap at home but I do appreciate the fact that they give you a lot of options.

In addition to the phone pocket, there are 2 other pockets with the pouch, the first being another zipper pocket on the opposite side of the phone pouch. It is rather large and can even fit my Canadian passport with my daily cards and a few bills a bit snugly. On the rear is a nylon tab with a key ring on the end hinting that it’s probably used for keys or other things you hang off of key rings — phone charms, decorative key chains, USB drives, etc.

Overall, love it.

[P.T.A.] JacketMy second GET! is the [P.T.A.] Jacket.

To purchase this jacket, you must be part of the [P.T.A.] or [WORLD P.T.A.]. Limited / restricted merchandise is my weakness and I’ve been looking for a new coat so this one took the cake. It’s going for ¥5,500 tax incl.

They have the measurements for all the sizes on the product page and I picked my size relative to one of my more comfortable hoodies — this ended up being L size. I feel like I picked an OK size but I can feel some tightness around the shoulders and the arm holes could be a bit bigger. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gone with XL. Otherwise, jacket length and sleeve length are fine and the hood is fine. It’s super light and 100% polyester but I’m not sure how well this would hold up in rain since it’s also super thin. The description suggests it as everyday wear, concert-going wear, or exercise clothes, and so on and has no mention of rain so maybe it’s not meant to be for it. Anyway, I don’t see myself flexing in this. It’s ok though because just having this jacket adds +10 to swagger.

If you have any questions about any of my purchases or how you can buy from A!SMART for all your Amuse Artist Goods, please feel free to leave a comment below or tweet at me @johpan.