February / March 2016 Idol News

I’m sorry I missed February News. I went to Houston for MM’16 at Anime Matsuri which was right at the end of February and lost track of everything. Please forgive me. I haven’t even made a post for that and it’s already been a month since then. I didn’t keep as good a track of the news as I should’ve over the month of March but I’ll put down everything I remember. April will be a better month for reporting. がんばります.

Twintail Day was on 02.02.

Only Ayame and Rie tweeted about it it seems.

Phantom Voice started performing a new song
『Eternal of dreams 〜果てなき夢〜』

Aina (Phantom Voice) debuted her Phantom Voice red costume

AkibaIdolFestival vol.17 was on Valentine’s Day and Ayame and Phantom Voice appeared on AKIDORA stage.

The CD for Phantom Voice’s song was available here as an admission bonus.

Phantom Voice and fellow label mates had a photoshoot and the pictures turned out wonderful. They use them sporadically.

The Short ver of Ayame’s first PV came out at the end of Feb. The song is called なんくるないさー (Nankurunai Sa-) Rikaikun tells me the expression translates to “Don’t worry, be happy.”

AIF vol.18 happened on March 13 and Phantom Voice performed a new song. 『Promise』

Phantom Voice went to Fukuoka.

Rie had her birthday and streamed on SHOWROOM and RT’d a bunch of screenshots people took during her “photo times” (including mine)

Phantom Voice’s 2nd One Man and combination Rie Birthday Show happened on the 27th. There may be a DVD of this releasing in the summer. A DVD is coming out. Don’t know which event it will be of though.

Rie released an official cap.

You can get it on her netshop, however, foreign credit cards are having problems at the moment. I attempted to buy one but got an error. I’m in touch with people who can help me. I will probably update via Twitter if my situation changes.