Day 4 – The Busiest Day

I wanted to see LinQ at their final LinQuest release event but was ready to dump it if it interfered with seeing Phantom Voice. Luckily, Phantom Voice’s set started at 13:55 and wasn’t far from LinQ’s event. The first part of the LinQuest release event was the Live & 2shots which I wanted to go to (the 2nd being handshakes, 3rd being signing).

IMG_20150913_104448I got to the TOBU Sky Deck in Ikebukuro at around 10:20 to buy goods before the line ups for the live started. I ended up buying 15 different editions for an even 5 pictures. (each single (1000Y) gets you one ticket, each 2shot costs 3 tickets so it’s basically 3000Y for a 2shot). I originally was going to do 4 (Ami, MYU, Cocoro, and Itoh) but during the mini-live, I couldn’t stop noticing Fuuko and how sharp she was with her dancing as well as her “serious” performance face. I like that level of seriousness when it comes to dancing. So I got 3 more tickets.

Two things that happened during the live stick out in my head. Firstly, Yuumi wasn’t there it was announced at Diver City that MYU would be doing the center position roles for some songs at TOBU Sky Deck. She did a fantastic job. She’s almost too perfect. During the Hare Hare Parade choruses where the girls jump over the other girls’ joined arms, She did a cartwheel or some sort of acrobatics over instead. I couldn’t really see well but it was more than just a jump. Secondly, they performed Jump Jump Jump except that there was an announcement at the start of the mini-live by the mall staff that jumping is not allowed. Even at the end of the song where there’s just a lot of JUMP JUMP JUMP! singing going on, I didn’t notice who but one of them apologized saying please don’t jump but…? Song selection was kinda funny.

Live ended and the lineups began for the 2shots. I didn’t really see when Sakura ended but her line went on forever again. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on stage the whole time. I came up with a good pose idea the night before and it involved me wearing a particular shirt.

I line up to see Cocoro. She saw me and was instantly like “Ahh, Toronto!” She asks what pose I want, I point to the shirt, and she’s like, Oh. Point. Click. Thank yous ^o^. and off stage.

I, then, went into line for Fuuko but she wasn’t out yet and Ami’s line started to move. I dipped out of Fuuko’s line and into Ami’s line. She recognized me again and suggested the peace pose and I, instead, pointed to the shirt, and she was like “Oh! Canada!” Point. Click. Thank yous. Though, my phone started lagging and the picture didn’t take. So I got an extra 10 seconds with her. She apologized for my phone failing. I told her not to worry about it. We posed again and it went through this time. We said bye and that was that.

I got back into Fuuko’s line. I wanted to tell her that she caught my attention and her dancing and singing was really good. None of that came out. I told her I was from Toronto and she was surprised. We took the picture and then she told me she was part Russian. She definitely looked half something but I didn’t quite know what just returned from a trip to Russia as LinQ, similarly to the members that went to Toronto (Thanks for clearing this up). Thanks for coming. Got off the stage.

Maki was next. Mamu told me to say hi to her. I approached her and she was like !!! I instantly said “Mamu says hello!” because if I didn’t I’d probably forget because idolpanic and instantly she was like “OH! MAMU! (^ω^)” She was starting to suggest a pose but then I motioned to her to point at the shirt and she gave a smug “ahhh~”. This explains why my face looks weird because I was probably trying to do a smug-type face? Didn’t translate well. She was trying to say something about yesterday (at Diver City) but it didn’t come out well. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and I got off stage.

Finally, it was MYU. She’s so… MYU. I’m really trying to remember how this interaction went but I can’t remember. I motioned for the point pose and that happened but I can’t remember anything outside of thank yous and see you agains. I really feel bad for not remembering. I really need to take notes right after it happens. She’s too cute that I can’t remember anything that happens around her except I remembered everything from the signings. I’m so unhappy with myself right now.


The 2shots ended with about an hour and a half before Phantom Voice’s live. I headed to Uguisudani station and the venue was just a block away. I got in during the 8th Act, a full hour before Phantom Voice came on. One of the acts before then was really cute and I should look into them… 「キャンディZoo」.

The venue where I saw Phantom Voice for the firs time.
The venue where I saw Phantom Voice for the firs time.

I decided that I wouldn’t really join the wota circle for my first Phantom Voice performance so I can just really take in the actual show. Phantom Voice comes on and they’re every bit as on-point and precise as in their videos online. They did a bunch of songs I didn’t know because they haven’t been uploading any videos lately, though at the same time, I haven’t been looking for videos outside of their official channel. Their songs are so hype. I couldn’t get song titles from the live though; I bought their CDs though. Sadly, the computer I brought doesn’t have an optical drive *shakes fist at Apple*.

My history with Phantom Voice was that I started tweeting at them after seeing them on a web variety show that Ayame was also on. The first tweet I sent was for Mai’s birthday. She replied to me completely in English and I was blown away so I decided to follow them. I’ve taken a liking to all of the members but Mai’s interaction sticks out the most to me. I support Rie and Shion and their solo stuff. Rie is more active than Shion in things outside of Phantom Voice. If Mai did more than Phantom Voice, I’d be all for it but, this is all she does. I’m ok with that though. Anyway, buppan starts and from what I can tell, some of them already recognize me. I bought their t-shirt, a single, and chekis with all of them. At this point I can’t even remember what order I took chekis with all of them but I just remember a lot of excitement. Mai and Rie knew it was me. I had to say what my twitter handle was for Shion and Chisa but they knew after. The two new members, Runa and Ryoko were super cute and really fun to talk to still. Both very happy and easy to talk to. I’ll make a big post at the end with all of my chekis and the stories behind them.

I didn’t think I’d stay for as long as I did for buppan but no regrets. I ended up showing up to Ayame’s birthday 10 minutes late. She was the 2nd person I saw through the window of the bar that they rented out and she was happy I showed up. I apologized for being a bit late but she said it was ok. She asked for my money and I gave it to her. She personally showed me the available food and ordered my first drink. I took a seat near the people I met from the show the day previous. Another person introduced himself to me and really tried hard to speak as much english as he could. It was really nice of him. We exchanged twitter accounts and I plan on keeping in touch with him. The party was really fun. Ayame was just walking around talking with all of her guests, which was probably in the 20-30ish range. They had a computer going with youtube; when I entered, it was playing the Disney Land entrance music long version. They switched between old Ayame lives and other lives of groups she liked. We watched some older Ayame videos of her maid days.

Ayame's cake! #ig

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Her cake was then revealed. I didn’t catch what it was made of but there were tomatoes and french fries on it. She started feeding the french fries to people. For dessert, she had a container of creampuffs which she started walking around with, but, before she gave one to you, she put a blob of wasabi on it and put it in your mouth.

I was actually ok because I kinda crushed the wasabi into the creampuff then pretty much swallowed it whole so it couldn’t hit me. I was trying to do a back-front photo while she did it to me which is why I have my phone where it is but that didn’t work out. The Johnny Depp joke carried on to the party. All is well.

People started pulling her aside and giving their gifts to her. I gave her a Canadian flag as per her request when I told her I was going. I gave it to her while we took our birthday cheki which was only 500Y which was “CHEAP” (her words, not mine haha)

In a more serious tone, she asked me if I was actually having fun even though I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t speak the language. I told her I had a really good time. It was really a lot of fun. I made a few new friends and got to just hang out with my favourite idol. Before I come back to Japan, I feel like I actually should learn more than just a few phrases that I just blank out on anyway. The party ended and she had us line up and she handed out loot bags with her signature Pegasus-kun character with personalized letters written and a cookie and free cheki coupon.

Ayame's Birthday Party Loot Bags!
Ayame’s Birthday Party Loot Bags!

The funny thing was the friend that I made at the party was going to go to see his favourite group at their Akiba Idol Festival shows at Akidora and Moe Farre. His favourite group is TiP. I read up on AIF beforehand but didn’t plan on going but he said that he was going to go see Phantom Voice at their Moe Farre show as well. I couldn’t say no to going. The wristband for access was 1000Y and every venue you went to, you just had to buy a drink, I think. So I saw Phantom Voice twice in a day. I actually didn’t have enough money to take chekis with them all at this point so I only got one with Mai. I think they noticed. Mai seemed happy. I chatted with Rie a bit to settle some other business we had. Other than that, just a few waves and hellos happened. It’s fun going to buppan and getting confronted by other idols there and you tell them you only speak english and from Canada. Some handle it really well, while others, not so much, haha.

After all this, I went back to my airbnb in Okachimachi and called it a night. I know I’m probably missing a few things about the day that I can’t remember anymore but the most important things have been captured in cheki/twitter/instagram form.