I’m sprucing up the place.

Hello, readers.

I haven’t blogged in a very long time.

Due to having a twitter account and no patience for writing things, I decided to trash all my blogs and just microblog my way through my late teens to mid 20’s. I’ve actually had this wordpress instance up for quite some time now but haven’t really committed to doing anything with it until now.

If you’ve followed me on the web for a while, you might remember I’ve had a few blogspot accounts in the past then eventually moved to wordpress while writing / moderating / coding for a Japanese music meta blog “International Wota” which shut down on March 28, 2012. During that time, I ran a music review blog “boylikesmusic” which was hosted under the IW domain. I think I still have a tumblr account but never really embraced the layout and community. I’ve owned the domain johpan.com for quite some time and had some blogs and various web development projects up there, however, I’ve resorted to making it a quick portal site for all the things I do online.

For this domain, johannmanzano.com, I plan to keep this blog running for a long time without rebooting or flushing the contents and giving up. I’ll be putting up links and updates to all the stuff I do so I’ll have one central place that keeps track of it all.

Please watch this space or my twitter account for the latest in everything from me. If you want to drop a line, Twitter is definitely the easiest and most reliable way to reach me.